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   In 1998, while working in Denver, Colorado I decided to turn a passion for decorating into a full time profession. I got my degree in interior design while training with one of Denver's leading interior designers and working for a local furnishings showroom. I was able to immerse myself in the interior design industry through a variety of facets.

   Since then, I have been the principal designer and owner of Emily Slavin Designs. I embrace a wide range of design styles but specialize in clean, modern lines with unique touches that reflect each client’s life and taste. I bring a great deal of experience and creative talent to each job, and my clients become an integral part of the process. I believe each home should be a reflection of my clients’ life, experiences and family; and I want to be there to create it for them.

   For me, the design process begins by building a relationship with each new client. The project is then nurtured through my creative input and pragmatic decision making, and ends with a final design that excites and satisfies. Ultimately, a successful job isn’t about the final photograph. It is about my clients’ happiness and the creation of a space that meets their needs and desires. 

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